Brack Center Resources

Starting a job search or thinking about a career change should be exciting and motivating instead of stressful.   In addition to one on one coaching the Brack Center has tips and suggestions for every step of the way. These resources can help keep you on the right path to the ultimate goal of job satisfaction and fulfillment.

Getting Started


Take a deep dive into your skill base and career interests to help ensure focus and clarity on your search, enhanced resume crafting and the ability to articulate your value during interviews.

Personal Branding

Creating your career story and personal brand through the major platforms (resume, LinkedIn, etc) in a compelling way allows you to stand out during the application and networking process.

Job Search

Ensuring you are familiar with the multiple ways to find a new opportunity and how to overcome common barriers / challenges to the process is key to success.


Preparation and practice prior to the actual interview will guarantee a higher rate of call back.  It’s also important what your behavior is after the interview.


It’s likely taken a lot of time and effort to get to a job offer.  Be prepared to capitalize on the moment and ensure that you are maximizing your value and worth.

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